The Finger Lakes Museum is dedicated to creating authentic programming and lasting learning experiences that inspire inquiry and stewardship for the Finger Lakes region; and to fresh water and cultural diversity to learners of all ages.

Our Educational Purpose is to:

  • Create accurate and experiential educational programs that engage audiences in the Finger Lakes and beyond to better understand their part in becoming stewards and preservers of the beautiful natural and cultural resources around them.
  • Lead by example in showcasing responsible land and water use by providing interactive outdoor exhibits, trail experiences and more for all ages to explore.
  • Teach respect of the diverse cultures in the region and show their integration through time with each other through online ethnographic databases, immersive demonstrations, and real-life experiences.
  • Continue developing relationships with audiences and community members to improve the knowledge needed to better serve the Museum’s ever-changing direct audiences.

Teachers, students, guests, residents, et al, are invited to discover and explore all this region has to offer by participating in the Museum’s on-campus, traveling, and web-based programming.  Stay-tuned for more information found on our website in the months to come.

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