Intern Experience

Communications Intern,  Devin Filipiak & SIFE Team

I have been attending Keuka College for 3 years now and have loved being in this area, minus a few blustery winter days, but coming from Buffalo I am pretty adept to dealing with it. My brother attended Keuka, graduating in 2007, and that is how I first became acquainted with the area.

When my SIFE team heard about the museum being planned, we jumped on the opportunity to help out in any way possible. SIFE stands for Students in Free Enterprise- a global organization that allows colleges to compete against one another at a regional, national or world level.  Each year students search out key projects that pertain to the criteria set forth by SIFE.  Students then develop and lead these projects and report on them at competition. These presentations are mediated by a panel of judges consisting of CEOs of companies, business men and woman and SIFE alumni to determine which school has best met the criteria created by SIFE leaders.

There are three levels of competition; Regional, National, and World. Keuka has made it to the National level 10 times out of the 11 we have competed in SIFE. We felt the museum would be perfect to help with as it meets the criteria created for the teams this year.

I have led the Museum committee through Keuka SIFE through the 2011-2012 academic year and completed my January 2012 internship.  The objective of my internship was to create a marketing plan for their 2012 signature program, Vine to Wine: Savor our Finger Lakes, which will teach and present on the history of wine-making and grape growing in the Finger Lakes region from its beginnings up to Prohibition. Other SIFE team members assisted me in this process since it was my first time in creating a Marketing Plan.

Working with Museum staff and employees has helped me gain valuable experience and knowledge of the non-profit world. I plan on continuing my participation with the Museum and fully intend to be involved with it long after its completion.

I believe the museum will be a very welcome addition to the Finger Lakes region as it will keep the history of the region alive and allow people to fully understand the importance and beauty of the region and it’s natural wonders that they visit and enjoy. This region is a resource unto itself that needs to be preserved and this project will allow people to see why.


Community Outreach Intern,  Junelle King

I have had the pleasure of interning with The Finger Lakes Museum throughout my 2012 Spring semester at Keuka College. My main project for this internship was to organize a community outreach plan the summer 2012.  I have helped to plan the events for June, July and August that are mentioned in our Community Events page.  I have also been working with my supervisor, Natalie Payne the CommunicationsDirector at The Finger Lakes Museum on other communication pieces.

In May of 2012 I will be graduating from Keuka with a Bachelors of Arts in Organizational Communications, along with a concentration in Marketing and Sociology. I have a strong interest in environmental topics. I am a native to the Finger Lakes Region and a Founder of The Finger Lakes Museum.